Pluscrates Christmas Card

Christmas card for Pluscrates, a crate hire company in the UK. 3D and 2D techniques were used.

Pluscrates Christmas Card
I was asked to design a Christmas card for Pluscrates, a crate hire company based in the UK. We had a few ideas, the first of which was a Christmas tree with plastic crates under it instead of boxes/presents, but it seemed a little obvious. It was also hard to achieve with the images that they had supplied.

We had some 3D CAD files of the plastic crates that we had used previously for marketing images, so I pitched the idea of crates stacked as if they were the tree, with the possibility of them being covered in snow to give it a more Christmassy feel (plastic boxes, don't exactly scream Christmas).

My initial sketches included a snowman because I wasn't sure at that point if the crates alone would be Christmassy enough, and to add a little more character to the card.

This was produced on a limited budget, with a short turn-around time. So, yes there is plenty I would tweak if I had the chance.

This was made using Blender, Photoshop, InDesign and a Wacom tablet.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and merry winter :)

Luke - FAS Media

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