Low Poly Removals Van

Low poly designs for a removals company website featuring their van as a low poly 3D, cartoon-like, model.

Low Poly Removals Van
I created this low-poly model for Dream Team Movers, a St Albans based removals company, during the re-design of their website. They wanted something that would help them stand out from the other local removals companies in the area.

I created the low poly model of their van and then decided to build different models for each section, an office block for office removals and outside a house for house removals, etc.

Low poly is a 3D style that I love; it makes a nice break from increasingly sophisticated and lifelike renditions in 3D. I hope to get a chance to do a few more in various low-poly styles.
You can see the office removals icon on their website here: http://dreamteammovers.co.uk/office-relocation/
The house removals icon is on their front page and also on their house removals page http://dreamteammovers.co.uk/removal-service/

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